With the vision to provide proficient valet services, Privé Parking is aimed at expanding its horizons since its inception in 2012. Since then, each year marks excellence in standardized operations and outclass professionalism across Boston. We have been turning our prospects into valued long-term clients. We have been on the voyage to produce a satisfied clientele and deal with each business exclusively. Keeping in view our Valet Code of Conduct, we have and will never will compromise on our service quality service. Our highly skilled professionals are trained to perfection to handle different transportation types. Furthermore, we work with many parking structures and surface lots following strict certified protocols.

Our responsible drivers have eliminated the need for car owners to park their own vehicles. Privé Parking believes that stress-free parking can make your time-worthy moments more valuable and precious. We particularly ensure the safe placement of car keys to abandon any chance of car theft. For this, a specifically designed keys cabinet is kept along. If you’re a business looking to grow and flourish while gaining customers’ trust and priority with valet parking, then fortunately you are just a step away from your next great move.

Restaurant Parking

So you’re all set to open that dream restaurant with an enticing venue and fancy menu, but wait…did your customers face parking issues? Don’t expect them for a second visit. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Contact us now to please your customers even before they taste your food.

Garage Management

We exactly know the hassle of scheduling, and keeping all the financial records of garages and lot management. After extensive experience in managing such logistics, we own a record of business growth for many clients. Our trustworthy staff makes every minute count in your business dealings and strives towards its upsurge. You can top the list as well!

Parking Management

Parking lots should be safe and secure to increase your revenue. Our certified parking managers ensure the safety of your patrons and trades while keeping track of all the incoming traffic.


The simple rule is, if you comfort your patients at the time of emergency, they’ll prefer you over any other healthcare facility in the future as well. Our valet parking experts make sure to remain a step ahead for those already in grief.

Nightlife & Private Events

Don’t let the struggle of safely parking your vehicle stop you from partying hard! When in a celebration mood, valet car park could be an ultimate blessing. Make your customers hop into the party straight and enjoy the night, while we take care of everything outside. Even if you organize private events, give us a call to arrange valet car parking for your valued friends and family.


Research shows that people prefer staying at hotels that provide valet parking. This is to cut down their valuable time lingering in the drop-off zone. Keeping in view, we warmly welcome our valued visitors by respectfully taking over the charge of their cars and letting them leave in peace.

Car Dealerships

For your car dealership business, we provide exceptional service that greets your customers, move vehicles throughout the dealership, move vehicles between dealership, and organize your inventory as well. We play our part to get you happy and contented customers.

Shuttle Service

To our diverse transportation services, we provide a shuttle conveyance service to get to the locations of closer proximity. If you need pickup from a bus terminal, airport, or any such location, we have defined routes for your easy and comfortable travel.

Wheelchair services

Our promising transportation services never let you feel alone and compromised. Our skilled workers will make your travel easy if you can’t do it on your own. Our super comfortable wheelchairs are designed for those who require portability aid.

Cleaning Services

Apart from the transportation services, we offer to thoroughly clean your vehicles. Get a car detailing with the best cleaning practices. We’ve been turning dirty automobiles into sparkling ones in a single session. Time to get your car a new look!

Airport Services

We have eased your travelling by extending our prime airport services from parking facilities to the inside haul, with efficient shuttle services all set to drop you off in comfort. Hire wheelchairs and janitorial services on the airport for an exceptional experience.

Site Maintenance

We ensure that our clients' areas, such as parking lots or garages, are clean and up-to-date as well as ensuring that they are operating properly, fixing and maintaining any equipment.

Some other great reasons to rely on us

Prive Parking provides you with an experienced team that you are proud of.

Valet service requirements are set out in our Valet Code of Conduct, which documents performance expectations from our valet employees. We cover it all, from proper handling of vehicles and employee uniforms to key handling procedures, and golden standard courtesy to our customers.

Our service comes complete with professional uniforms and clear signage to mark your event with style. Our staff comes dressed for excellence with a clean and well-groomed appearance. Our uniforms consist of polo shirts monogrammed with our logo, black pants, and black shoes. We even have professional winter attire for the cold days in Boston.

No matter what your guests drive, we can tailor to their needs. Our staff is well trained on a wide variety of transportation types. We are experienced in automatic, standard, and e-gear transmissions.

At Prive Parking, we guarantee the safety of every car we service. As soon as a customer’s car is left in our care, we take every precaution to protect it. Prive Parking maintains General Liability Insurance, Garage Keepers Liability, and workman-comp. We have one valet attendant whose main job is to ensure the safety and organization of all of our customer’s keys. Our specially designed key cabinets expedite service and reduce the risk of car theft.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a club, a special event, your mansion, or a crowded city street, we can handle whatever situation you need us to handle! With our experience in numerous settings, we can take care of you at any place, at any time.

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