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We Are

With strategic planning, Privé Parking services include: Valet Parking, Garage & Parking Lot Management, and Parking Consultation.

Our Mission

At Privé Parking, we guarantee safe drivers, quality customer service, standardized operations, and a high level of professionalism for your establishment or special events. We provide an innovative approach to best suit the needs of our clients by understanding operations and creating the most effective solutions for each individual customer.

About Our CEO

Ricardo Louis founded Privé Parking in 2012. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and working in finance, Ricardo saw an opportunity to have a profound impact on the valet parking industry. With a focus on the customer experience, Ricardo offers and identifies parking solutions to a variety of clients. He is driven by the mission to leave the best “first and last” impression for every customer. From your local neighborhood restaurant to car dealerships, Ricardo’s dedication to his customers and his craft is an undeniable value added to your business.

Privé Parking Boston Valet Services

At Privé Parking, we understand the importance of our role to be the first and last impression of our client’s event. We believe that every guest is to be treated in his or her own special and individual way. Above all, Privé Parking has the attention to detail with an emphasis on identifying and meeting our customers’ needs. We are dedicated to ensuring that your parking and transportation assets are aligned with your evolving business needs.

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